Thursday, July 26, 2012

No tropical timber on German grills

 - NABU recommends environmentally friendly briquettes from olive stones
Berlin (ots) - Summertime is grilling time and with the warmest months of land each year about 300,000 tons of charcoal grills on Germany. What many consumers do not know: Almost two thirds of which come from South American tropical forests, from Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. This still can be grilled in good conscience, recommend the NABU to rely on climate-friendly coal types, such as from olive pits.

"To get olive pit briquettes offer an environmentally sound and sustainable tropical timber, but also powerful alternative to conventional charcoal. Charge you either domestic or tropical forests and thus help the 'green lung' of the world," said Leif Miller, Director NABU. To support the sale of green olive pit briquettes, NABU has been working this year with the manufacturer OlioBric. This is a patented process in the region of Kalamata olives richest / Peloponnese ago ecologically sound timber briquettes.

toy made of tropical timber with proof of origin

Wooden car Cochecito: the first toy made of tropical timber with proof of origin.
Gaps sustainably from the forest into the nursery.

Cochecito is the first wooden toys from certified tropical timber origin. The timber of the eight components of the toy wooden cars comes from a forest of Bonn investment provider ForestFinance ecologically managed forests in Panama. Each buyer will receive the local Cochecito-GPS data, with which he can see exactly where the timber is grown for the wooden car - a unique approach in the market for wooden toys. Once: Toy certified with proof of origin from sustainable timber industry. The wood-Cochecito car is offered under

This Forest Finance is the first distributor of timber products, whose path can be traced back to its roots. In contrast to tropical timber is a seamless traceability, for example, for beef in Germany is already common. breaks new ground and delivers its products directly to the GPS data of the forest where the trees planted and harvested has been. By typing in Google Earth, customers can trace the exact origin of the timber and explore the surrounding area virtually. "This is the end of cheating with certified timber," says

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The hard business of the hard timber

Less than four weeks ago, we mentioned the social commitment of the
Reutlinger venerable old company on this side of praise. Reminder:
Since 1993, Reutlingen has earmarked a 250 000-euro donation from the
Danzer Foundation. With the proceeds from the stock of capital
projects will be promoted in the partner city of Bouake. For example,
the project of the Association "Saint Camille," the mentally ill makes
a fairly decent life.
The reason for the social commitment of the Reutlinger Danzers in
Twin town: The veneer giant has laid the wooden foundation of its
international operations in the Ivory Coast.
Less, it seems far away in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to
be where the company now embarks for nearly four decades, tropical
timber with the charity of the Danzer Group. Since 1993, the territory
of Bumba - Equateur Province. There, however, in the shape of the
subsidiary "Siforce" against the Greenpeace now raises strong

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mirako: strong on the Swiss timber market

Mirako: strong on the Swiss market.
It was his love for timber and its high sense of responsibility towards the environment, the entrepreneur Hubert Mitteramskogler to unique pioneering anspornten.Ein exclusive partner network in Switzerland.
Especially now, the company was able to score on the Swiss markets. The ready to lay Nassraumboden miraqua is high popular with the Swiss. But despite the positive reception the company remains true to his principles. "Both the product and the distribution we continue to set the highest standards of quality, because miraqua is a premium product that is sold directly through selected partners. We take a lot of time to choose our partners because we are simply miraqua guilty, "discussed Hubert Mitteramskogler its exclusive distributor selection.

Ski stars advertises Mirako
Thomas Sykora is known as the flagship of the Austrian skiing. He also focuses on sustainability and has a high sense of responsibility. In order to curb the use of tropical timber and to set an active stand against the deforestation of the rainforest, it supports the company Mitteramskogler. The product Mirako OUTDOOR embellished his house outside the long term.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tropical timber books

Tropical Timber Bamboo PlantsThree (3) gallon container, with huge root mass and last years growth removed. A stunning, large, green very tropical looking bamboo with showy satin green canes which when planted in the ground will quickly achieve heights upwards of 40'and 3' in diameter. This bamboo is quick to establish itself over a wide range of soil conditions. Well drained soil and some water are all you will need to grow our starters into a large multi caned bamboo clump within a couple of years. This open clump form will initially focus its energy on making underground roots or rhizomes, then usually the first summer after it has been planted, will send up several new canes or shoots. These shoots will rapidly grow into very beautiful clump of large, straight, poles of amazing tropical green bamboo. Vulgaris makes a great bamboo for a privacy break.

Friday, February 15, 2008

roundlogs timber wanted

The following kind of timber is wanted for vietnam:

...- Roundlogs :

- Poplar : 5000 m3/month ( AB or BC grade , length 2, 5 up or 3 m up , diameter : 25%-30% 35cm-39cm and 70%-75% 40 cm up or 100% 40 cm up )
- White Oak : 2000 m3 / month ( AB or BC grade , length 2, 5 up or 3 m up , diameter : 25%-30% 35cm-39cm and 70%-75% 40 cm up or 100% 40 cm up )
-Beech : 2000 m3/month ( AB or BC grade , length 2, 5 up or 3 m up , diameter : 25%-30% 35cm-39cm and 70%-75% 40 cm up or 100% 40 cm up )
Besides , we also deal with lumber of above species , C1 or C2 grade .

In case you can offer this kind of timber contact timber wanted for trading.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

timber search

Find timber through a thorough timber search or simply visit the timber net at another directory.